Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photobook Publishing Sites Part Two

A while back I started researching Photobook publishers to see which was the best one out there. As I was doing that research I found many useful reviews online.

I think the best of those is this one: http://www.digitalhomethoughts.com/news/show/97676/the-great-photo-book-round-up-review-who-makes-the-best-photo-books.html .

Although that author concluded that Inkubook was the very best quality publisher, I came to the conclusion that for my needs, the one publisher I have tried before, Blurb, is the best for me.

I agree with him that Inkubook has some of the ultimate best quality but I think that Blurb is more affordable, has quality that is good enough for me, and has a great deal of flexibility in how you can create and share your books which is important to me.

The only other publisher I I am tempted by on his list is Adoramapix because they have a "lay flat" binding option which allows the book to open completely so the pages lay completely flat on the table and none of the page area is obscured by the curve of the binding.

This was especially a problem with the paperback copy of the book I created. One of the photos I included in it was half obscured by the binding. Next time I create a book I will have to give more room at the center of the pages to prevent this.

For all of the books that I will be publishing simply to share with friends and relatives, I plan on going with Blurb.

If I decide to offer any of my books for sale, I think I will start with lulu.com for photobooks and Amazon.com for books that are primarily text.

Lulu.com seems to have the most comprehensive site for people who want to share and sell their photobooks.

For books that are primarily text, Amazon.com's Kindle and paper based book publishing seems like it would get to the largest audience the fastest and with the least trouble.

If I decide to do more than dabble in this area I will probably try out lightningsource.com for print books as well since they seem to be a very easy way to get self-published books into brick-and-mortar bookstores.

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