Thursday, April 14, 2011

Splitting the Blog into several sites

I've been waiting to announce this blog to my friends and acquaintances until I worked out a few technical details and until I was really sure the focus of the blog was really what I wanted it to be.

As I've been writing these first few posts I have come to realize that the focus I have been working with is still a bit too broad. I have been trying to address the needs of beginning photographers and non-photographers as well as enthusiastic amateurs and their needs are just too disparate to treat really well in one monolithic blog.

So I will be splitting off the advice for beginners and non-photographers into two more static web sites since I believe that one of the problems both of those groups have when trying to meet their needs on the internet is that there is too much information available and it is difficult to determine what parts of that information will meet their needs.

Each of these web sites will have a finite number of topics which they will address. The only part of each of them which will change significantly over time will be the equipment recommendations which I will update as new cameras come out and old ones disappear. Each of these sites will also have videos, books, ebooks and podcasts presenting basically the same content so each person can choose the format which works best for them.

This will leave this weblog primarily for enthusiastic amateurs to explore how to have more fun with their photography and find ways to enjoy it more. The topics discussed here will be led by whatever part of the photographic world I am currently obsessing over, but I think the topics I am interested in are diverse and multitudinous enough that it should keep the blog lively and interesting.


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