Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why another photography blog?

The purpose of this site is to give photography advice to enthusiastic amateurs, casual photographers and non-photographers to help them get more enjoyment out of whatever type of photography they are interested in.

There are many terrific weblogs created by professional photographers for professionals and aspiring professionals. I will be talking about some of my favorites in future posts and I encourage you to read some of them if you are interested in improving your photography.

But the advice on those sites is oriented towards the needs of professional photographers and aspiring professionals. Equipment recommendations for example, are oriented towards providing the very best image quality and the flexibility which is needed by those who make a living from their photography. Not every person who takes photographs needs to buy a $5000 digital SLR or carry a large bag of lenses and gear.

The goal of this site is to help you determine for yourself what equipment, training and investment of time is best for what you personally want to get out of your photography,  whatever your level of interest.

I consider myself an enthusiastic amateur and have enjoyed making photographs for the past 35 years or so. Many of my friends and relatives come to me for photographic advise and part of my day job is to advise university staff and faculty on the best presentation and production equipment to use for their particular needs.

I look forward to helping you to get what you want out of photography and I assume that through discussion and friendly debate here I will also learn many things that will help me get what more of what I want out of photography.

Until next time, have fun!!

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